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September 2015

September 30 | HMS vs. Dublin

The boys and girls teams played Dublin School last week for their first home game of the year. Beautiful weather and beautiful playing all around! Photos by freshmen Meaghan Hoy and Ava Mazzone.

September 29 | Michaelmas RED!

Everyone at High Mowing School celebrated Michaelmas by wearing red and embracing acts of will. Thank you to junior Fiona Pelz-Sharpe for contributing photos.

September 28 | Celebrating

September 24 | Freshman Orientation Trip

Our Freshman class on their orientation trip to the White Mountains. They studied geology, went rock climbing, and went hiking. Photos by Freshman Alise Kaplan.

September 23 | Abbot Hill Community

Thank you to Monadnock Living magazine for their lovely feature on the Abbot Hill Community. We are very lucky to share this beautiful hill with Pine Hill Waldorf School, the Temple-Wilton Community Farm, and the Hilltop Cafe. To read the full article, visit monadnockliving.net

September 22 | Pigs Pigs Pigs

The pigs are back on campus! #waldorfeducation #boardingschool #backtoschool #farm

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September 21 | Hermit Island

Our Grade 12 students joined seniors from six other Waldorf high schools from around the country for a week of marine ecology and zoology on the Maine coast. Here are a few images from the week.

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September 18 | Campus Evening Timelapse

September 17 | Sense of Place

A #quote from our founder, Mrs. Emmet. #quotes #inspiration #sunset #clouds #nature #waldorfschool #boardingschool
As our students are off on their orientation trips, starting to explore the subjects they will be learning about their first block classes, we were reminded of this quote by our founder Mrs. Emmet in her book From Farm to School on the importance of places. Our seniors are studying marine biology on Hermit Island in Maine, our juniors are experimenting with concepts of electricity and magnetism at Packtuckaway State Park in New Hampshire, our sophomores are getting an introduction to surveying in Jamaica State Park in Vermont, and our freshmen are rock climbing and exploring geology in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Places are important, and we are proud to have built a curriculum that through our horticulture program, our naturalist program, our projects block trips, and our orientation trips recognizes the importantance of place-based education.

September 16 | Orientation Trips Begin

Juniors Load the Bus

september 15 | outdoor mathematics

Surveying and Trigonometry
The first block of the year for our sophomores is Surveying and Trigonometry! They will learn how to use trigonometry to measure the areas and elevations of our beautiful New England campus! Watch this video from last year featuring HMS teacher Robert Sim explaining how our students use these skills they develop to make maps of campus!

September 12 | Tasty Tradition

September 9 | Opening Day

September 8 | Senior Move-In Day

Our Seniors have arrived on campus! The Senior class traditionally arrives a day early to meet with the faculty and prepare for the coming year. The Senior class at High Mowing is asked to play a leadership role in the student body. They will assist the faculty and staff in welcoming the rest of the students to school tomorrow for opening day.