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December 2016

December 15 | Throwing

    • Hunab Bravo Almehua

      Hunab Bravo Almehua '18 works to throw a pot on the wheel in his afternoon pottery class.

December 14 | Cuisine

December 13 | Digital Arts

    • Mandala pattern created by Livvy Frazier

      Mandala pattern created by Livvy Frazier '17 using Adobe Illustrator in her afternoon Digital Arts class.

December 12 | First Snow Day

A group of boarding students make the most of a Monday snow day by creating an igloo on the upper soccer field!

December 9 | Polarity

The junior class observes and studies magnetic fields in their Electricity and Magnetism block class.

December 8 | Cellular

December 6 | Rehearsing Tradition

    • Members of the angel

      Members of the angel's choir gather around the piano for a Nativity Rehearsal. The traditional Nativity performance will be this Saturday, December 10th at 5:00 p.m.

December 1 | Window Star