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March 2017

March 31 | Mr. Hughes Goes to Pine Hill

March 30 | Greenhouse Grooming

March 29 | 100 Years of Waldorf Education

Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education

In 1919, Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture to workers at the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. Steiner was a philosopher, social reformer, and scientist?-?and his lecture made quite an impression. The workers wanted a new, more humanist education for their children in the wake of the World War I.

March 28 | Dissection

March 23 | Mrs. Emmet Throwback

March 21 | Back at it


March 20 | Past, Present, Future

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March 17 | Small World

It's a small, small world. #pottery #arteducation #waldorfeducation #waldorfschool #highschool #art #studentart

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March 16 | Throwback Thursdays

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March 14 | Snow Day