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March 2018

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MARCH 14 | Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest: THOUGHTS ON TODAY’S STUDENT WALKOUT by HMS faculty member Colleen O'Connors High Mowing students, teachers, and staff participated in the student-organized National Walk-Out today at 10 am. Standing in a circle holding hands, the community listened in silence as the names of the 17 victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting that happened a month ago today were called in one-minute intervals. Fresh snow lent a vista of purity and innocence to the occasion. A cold wind tugged at the growing sense of sorrow and solidarity. I felt shivers through the hands of the students to my left and right. The produce delivery truck delivered the acoustic interruptions of the every day; the every day that is irrevocably torn asunder by a school shooting – any shooting. The same every day that doesn’t stop, not even for 17 minutes, and which pulls us through the pain and into the future – a future of change.

(Participation in today's planned Walk-Out was a free deed. The two organizers of the event on the HMS campus, Emily Stringer and Rhianna Schahn, informed students thoroughly about what they were supporting by choosing to walk out, and encouraged everyone to feel free to participate or not, following their personal preferences. There was no pressure to participate.)

Posted by High Mowing School on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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