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2023-24 School Year Begins

2023-24 School Year Begins

This year, High Mowing School welcomed more than 350 students back to campus for the 2023-24 school year. 

Of these, there are 139 students in the high school from 19 countries and 12 U.S. states and territories; 156 students in grades 1–8; and 62 children in our Early Childhood programs — a year in which we added a fourth Early Childhood class.

HMS is also pleased to welcome the following new faculty/staff members:

  • Gwen Blackmer: handwork for grades 1–2
  • David Chan: chef
  • Katie Cobb: girls soccer coach and residential life staff
  • David Graham: high school pottery teacher
  • Stephanie Haas: grade 1 class teacher
  • Katie LeCroix: residential life staff for the North Dorm
  • Charlene Ledoux: strings program for grades 4–8
  • Nathan Peck: kitchen assistant
  • Ashley Rousseau: grade 1 assistant and lower school office staff
  • Jenn Strauss: grade 4 class teacher
  • Nancy Wilson: Hummingbird lead teacher

Senior Georgia Gieschen gave the welcoming speech to the high school campus, in which she spoke about her reflections on her high school years, her hopes for students newly arriving at HMS, and about the importance of each person’s role on the HMS campus:

I’ve come to see High Mowing as a woven masterpiece, intricately knitted with all types of thread, every color imaginable. During your time at High Mowing, you will add to this garment.

Have a great year, High Mowing!


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