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Deliberate Giving

Deliberate Giving

Peter Sullivan and Felice Fullam, a Wilton couple with deep connections to the school, decided to step forward in the last several years with significant charitable gifts.

Peter Sullivan, HMS Class of ‘74, is a quiet and gentle soul who is an accomplished musician and artist. His partner, Felice Fullam, is a trained Waldorf teacher who taught in the Early Childhood program on the Pine Hill campus for years.

In the last ten years, they made the deliberate decision to direct funds to areas that meant the most to them. In 2014, Peter donated the beautiful Steinway piano in the Big Room on the High Mowing campus as a way to honor Mrs. Emmet and the impact of her on his life. Significant contributions in the last few years have been designated to music, art, pottery, eurythmy, Model UN, and even snacks for the children in our Early Childhood programs. There is no current student at the school who has not been touched by their generosity.

Mrs. Karl, Wendy Walter, Peter Sullivan

This past December, Mrs. Karl and pottery teacher Wendy Walter ‘85 welcomed Peter to the studio to commemorate his recent gift of four new pottery wheels to High Mowing. Peter's generous donation was made in recognition of the essential role pottery has in High Mowing's curriculum and that many well-known potters in this country have started out with Mrs. Karl's direction. He observed that "the school along with Mrs. Karl understood me, understood my love and need of music, especially the need of composing at the piano. Mrs. Karl would have me knead clay on a very heavy canvas (‘cotton duck’). This would strengthen my fingers — in effect helping to improve my playing and dexterity on the piano."

We are so grateful for their ongoing generosity to our school. Their gifts affect students in tangible and nourishing ways, and inspire others to join in giving generously, from a spirit of thanks.

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