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HMS Model UN Delegates Recognized at March Conference

Cary Hughes and the HMS Model UN (MUN) delegates have participated in several conferences this winter. The first in February at Boston University (where 1,500 MUN delegates gathered) and the second in March at Clark University.

At Clark University, HMS delegates were Laurian Cirbosky, Seriena Cirbosky, Maeve Coyle, Henry Ditlow, Valentina Heredia-Carabias, Brady Kershaw, Eden Passarelli, Gabe Scott, and Cherise Wang. Cherise and Brady were recognized for their work with an honorable mention and outstanding delegate, respectively. In addition, Cary noted the work of Maeve and Eden.

The HMS MUN team consists of 20 high school students, who meet each Wednesday morning. During these sessions, the students learn about the United Nations, diplomacy, and international relations. “I teach the students about the organization of the UN and its processes for addressing world issues,” Cary says. MUN delegates research and prepare to represent a specific country and to present on topics of importance to those countries. For example, at Clark University, Cherise was part of the delegation for the Tenth Communist Party Congress of 1974 and Brady presented on the Fall of the Qin Dynasty. HMS delegates also served on SDG5, which concerns gender equality, and an historic Yugoslavian conference about changing the constitution.

When not engaged in Model UN debate and compromise, delegates are encouraged to explore the city where the conference is being held, spend time with their fellow delegates, and host or participate in a “funMUN,” where delegates debate silly topics.

Through MUN participation, high school students have the opportunity to improve skills in public speaking, cooperation, and compromise.

“MUN is an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to work cooperatively with others to find solutions to serious world issues,” Cary says. “I am always inspired by the enthusiasm and hard work the students bring to these conferences.”

Cary and HMS delegates are now preparing for the George Washington University Conference on April 13–16, before hosting the final conference of the school year at HMS in May.

With special thanks to Peter Sullivan '74 and Felice Fullam, whose generous support makes it possible for HMS Model UN Delegates to attend these important conferences.


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