Financial Aid

Application Process

1. All parents, including those who have never married or are divorced or separated, as well as stepparents, must submit all of the required financial aid application documents in order for their child to be considered for a tuition reduction.

2. A completed online Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) at High Mowing School's SSS code number is 3878. SSS generates a Report of Family Contribution (RFC) for High Mowing School after analyzing the completed PFS.

3. Complete, signed copies of Federal Income Tax Forms for the current and past year, including a copy of all W-2 forms and all accompanying schedules. If taxes were filed electronically, you may upload the Electronic Postmark–Certification of Electronic Filing page in lieu of printing and signing a paper copy of the return.

4. A signed copy of IRS Form 4506-T with items 1–4 completed. Do not date this form.

5. A copy of all parents’/guardians’ most recent paycheck(s)/pay stub(s) for two months immediately preceding the application.

6. A current property value assessment statement for all properties owned.

7. Written explanation of any unusual circumstances that have affected your family’s financial situation this year that you would like High Mowing School to consider.

All forms must be submitted by the published due date to be considered for financial aid.  The school is unable to process an application until all of the required forms are received.

The Financial Aid Committee uses the Report of Financial Contribution (RFC) as a guide. If the RFC determines that a family needs more than High Mowing can realistically grant, we make the best award possible and ask the family to explore additional options. Our Business Manager can offer suggestions for payment plans and loans.

All offers of financial aid are awarded on an annual basis. Application must be made each year and the offer is calculated using the most recent financial data. The student must maintain a good social and academic record. Additionally, in order to be considered for financial aid in a subsequent year, parents must be up-to-date with their school accounts.

High School Loan Programs

We realize that financial aid may not cover all your financial need. We can direct you to two high school loan programs which may be possible sources of assistance for families.


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