The Jury: A Play by the Class of 2016

One of the highlights for the High Mowing School community each school year is the class plays performed by each grade. The class plays are directly connected to the curriculum and allow students to dive deep into literature and learn key skills of team building, speaking, movement, design and more. Students who complete all four years at High Mowing perform in or work on at least four plays, and up to eight if they take part in the all-school annual spring musicals. 
This year, sophomores performed Twelve Angry Men on February 6, 2014 as a part of their Greek Tragedy block. This well-known drama originated as a television production in the 1950s, was well received as a film with Henry Fonda in 1957, and has gone on to be produced numerous times in the last 60 years. Its exploration of consensus building, how arguments are formed, and facts versus opinion (each with their own power to sway) made it a powerful learning experience for the students.
Thirteen students served as performers (12 jurors and a guard) and two served as stage hands/techies. Only one small adjustment was made — the play was re-titled The Jury to be inclusive of the women in the class sitting on the jury. Last year, as freshmen, this class performed the comedy The Importance of Being Earnest, and next year they will bring a play by Shakespeare to the stage.

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