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  • Andrea Badger

    Andrea Badger

    College and Career Advising
    “The high school years are just amazing. They have so much energy and interest in the world and in being genuine to who they are.”

    My husband Keith and I came to High Mowing in the early 90’s. He began by teaching Life Sciences and went on to create the School’s Naturalist program. The possibilities and freedom of a non-traditional high school appealed to us.  
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  • Beverly Boyer

    International Student Program Coordinator, ESL
    "Establishing a new—and much broader—sense of home."

    It was Parents Weekend in the fall of 1996 when we first experienced what High Mowing was really like. We were visiting from Princeton, New Jersey, where I was a class teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton.  Our daughter had begun as a boarding student...
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  • Academic Dean, Humanities

    Wendy Bruneau

    Academic Dean, Humanities
    “Waldorf education teaches you how to think—and be in the world.”

    One of the highlights of my year is teaching the Faust block to seniors. I marvel at the way this play—almost two hundred years old—speaks to students at an age when they are preparing to step out into the world. The course is structured in High Mowing’s tradition...
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  • Thora Cardenas '01

    Thora (Graham) Cardenas '01

    Math Teacher, Registrar
    “There had to be a better way of learning…”

    Ever since I can remember I have wanted to work with children in some way. As a caseworker at Raphael House, a family homeless shelter in San Francisco, CA, I was responsible for placing children in temporary schooling and helping them with their homework.
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  • Eunice Chalmers

    Eunice Chalmers passed away unexpectedly on November 18, 2016. We hold Eunice’s memory in our hearts, and we see her all around campus—in the drawings on display in the Main Building, in the pages of the Christmas Books, in the self-portraits on the walls of her studio.
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  • Dale Coye

    Dale Coye

    Theater Arts, English as a Second Language
    "A deeper engagement"

    Until recently, my teaching goals have focused at the college level. I came to High Mowing with my wife Bev, thinking that I might work with students in a more personal and collaborative way—something that is often not possible in college.
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  • Dale Dintaman

    Dale Dintaman

    Director of Residential Life, Coach
    “…it is the lessons of how to care for one’s self — and others; learning the value in becoming a solid member of a community and seeing how the little things you do make a difference.”

    Some fifteen years ago a friend approached me to ask if I would be interested in working in a boarding school, living in a dorm caring for about sixty boys. I took the position having no idea what I was getting myself into.
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  • Mark Ferguson

    Orchestra/Chamber Music, Media Performance, French
    “It’s important to model courage; to be open to the possibility of failure.”

    When we are learning a new piece, I don’t hide the fact that it’s new territory for me and that I have my fears. What the students see then, beyond my shaking knees, is that I don’t let that stop me.
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  • Cary Hughes

    Dean of Students, History, Model UN
    “We approach our work with teenagers as a lifestyle, with a shared view of helping young people on their way to adulthood.”

    I was inspired to become a teacher as a young boy, watching my grandfather, who taught science at a public high school in Philadelphia. I admired his love of knowledge and his desire to help the students. It was a surprise to everyone and dismaying to me, when years later, I found myself having to repeat the tenth grade!
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  • Micah Leinbach

    Residential Life Faculty
    High Mowing School warmly welcomes Micah Leinbach, the newest member of our Residential Life Faculty. Micah brings extensive residential living experience to the High Mowing boarding program. 
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  • Jim McClure

    Digital Arts
    “For the first time in history, we are now interacting with far more people “virtually” than face-to-face…I think it is one of the greatest challenges for this generation of educators.”

    High Mowing is a community that deeply values the arts, and I enjoy being able to teach “digital” arts topics with an emphasis on the “arts,” beyond just the “digital!”...
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  • Bradley Miller

    Biodynamic Farming, Horticulture, Science, Trustee
    “…to live not just in the world but with the world.”

    Each day of Horticulture class, the freshman carry food waste from the kitchen down to the compost piles. Often this task is offensive to their senses and it is a trial. As the weeks and months go by they begin to participate in its transformation from individual parts to...
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  • Michal Noer

    Residential Life, Practical Arts
    "Living the Question"

    Teaching in a small, diverse community, one has to be comfortable with the unexpected and the (seemingly) unsolvable. I’m challenged personally and professionally to stretch and engage and grow as an act of faith; to be patient toward what is as yet unanswerable.  While it’s a pleasure to refine my art and delve deeper into my interests, working with adolescents requires...
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  • Science, Humanities

    Colleen O'Connors

    Science, Humanities
    “I am a hinge. My threefold self bound by the upright bolt of my being. I serve the effortless opening and closing…by bearing the weight of the barrier separating here from there.”

    Though I had written poetry regularly since age six, I did not begin to take it seriously until 2009, when I attended a workshop entitled, “Poetry as a Portal to Contemplative Inquiry.”
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  • Laura Rubiano-Gomez

    Laura Rubiano-Gomez

    “Don't be afraid to fail, or ask for help.”

    I have always been interested in understanding the process (the how and the why) of our surroundings, particularly the natural world. I remember building a seismograph after experiencing my first earthquake at the age of nine, out of a deep desire to understand this new phenomenon.
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  • Athletics, Movement, Spatial Dynamics

    Peter Sheen

    Athletics, Movement, Spatial Dynamics
    “I’m fortunate now to find myself in a unique and wonderful setting, with like-minded colleagues, working toward my dreams…”

    I grew up loving the game of tennis. Though I played competitively through middle and high school I started to realize that the competitive side was not what I loved.
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  • Robert Sim

    Math, Humanities, Horticulture
    "Sometimes the lessons are beyond words."

    Teaching horticulture is a great chance to share curiosity about the world and strengthen the students' experience of the land. Except that the job came with strings attached: three young pigs that happened to reside near the green house. Whenever they escaped, somehow I was responsible....
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  • Naturalist

    Emily Turner

    “We cannot care for what we do not know or see. To be an engaged citizen of the natural world, we must first learn the art of seeing.”

    For me, the natural world is more than a field of study: it is my heritage and a way of life. I was raised on a hardscrabble hill in northern Vermont. Harvesting fiddleheads and spring greens for my mother was an important seasonal chore.
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