Welcome to High Mowing School!

High Mowing School welcomes students from all over the world. Over the past five years, students from Indonesia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, and Switzerland have enrolled at HMS.  Of the 120 students enrolled each year, about 25% of our students come from outside the United States.

At HMS, international students find a welcoming, home-like school environment,  and a facultymany speak Spanish, French, German, or another languagecommitted to helping each student success. Founded in 1942, High Mowing School has the only Waldorf high school (grades 9 through 12) in the United States that offers a boarding program.

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  • Grades 5-8 SUMMER CAMP For Chinese Students

    Three weeks of English language immersion on our wonderful, nature-filled New Hampshire hill! 
  • Homestays for Middle School Students

    We are delighted to welcome students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 to our new Waldorf Homestay program.
  • High Mowing Waldorf Asia

    We are eager to offer all of our students a place where East and West can truly meet in a mutually beneficial way. To that effect, we have envisioned a high school program (grades 9-12) that departs from the traditionally American-European cultural stream to encompass a broader cultural basis that includes the East.

    • HMS-China Program

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  • Mao Mao

    Mao came to High Mowing from Beijing.  He arrived as a freshman, and is currently a junior. He is a brilliant mathematician and is well known among the students as the one you go to whenever you are stuck with any question related to math. This year Mao’s natural leadership ability was recognized, as his classmates voted him to be their representative on Student Council.

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  • Alice Wang

    Alice came to High Mowing from her home city of Xian.  She arrived as a freshman and is now a senior.  Alice loves art and design, and speaks of eventually becoming a fashion designer or of owning her own boutique.

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  • Chris Li

    Chris grew up in Beijing and came to High Mowing as a sophomore.  He is currently in the junior class.  Chris enjoys science–and basketball!  He is planning to study economics during his university years, and hopes eventually to establish his own business.

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  • Suky Hu

    Suky is from Shenzhen, and came to High Mowing as a freshman.  This is now her senior year.  Suky stepped into a strong leadership role in the school this year by choosing to become a Resident Assistant in the dorms.  She has applied to a number of good American universities, and is eagerly waiting to find out where her next steps in life will take her.

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  • Carter Shangguan

    Carter came to High Mowing as a junior and graduated in June 2015.  While here, he was an enthusiastic and hard-working student, and was accepted at Rochester Institute of Technology.  He is currently pursuing a degree in engineering, and dreams of designing the next fabulous car!

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    Our graduates think for themselves and approach life creatively. They are confident in their own capacities and recognize opportunities. They are not afraid to meet life’s challenges. Guided by a strong inner moral compass, they form lasting relationships and are valued contributors to their communities and professions.

    Our curriculum provides a strong foundation for higher, College education while also giving students the freedom to study subject of their own interest. We offer a high level of academic learning in language arts, math, and science that prepares our students well for college. Our academic learning is taught in creative ways, and integrated with fine arts, theater, world languages, sports, and social activities which prepares our students well for life after high school.

    HMS offers a strong College Counselling program, with a team available to students as they prepare their next step into higher education. After graduating from HMS, our international students have moved on to college, to study at Boston University, Penn State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Washington State University, Purdue University, University of Connecticut, Rutgers University, University College London, and University of Illinois.

    Our school day starts at 7:45 am with breakfast, and classes begin at 9:00 am. After our school day ends at 4:00 pm, students can chose activities and classes such as sports or art classes before dinner. We offer elective evening classes after dinner four evenings per week. Students complete their homework in study hall, offered every day. On weekends, our boarding students study, enjoy social activities with their friends, outings, sports, and relaxation.

    Our International Students Become Fluent in English
    We fully understand the challenges our international students face as they travel far from home and undertake studies in a foreign language. It is very important to us that they receive the support they need to be comfortable in their new environment. Our ESL Program supports students in their mastery of the English language. International students new to our school are enrolled in our standard ESL Program (English as a Second Language) which includes participation in:
    • Intensive English language classes four times a week - reading of level-appropriate selections from literature, grammar review, intensive vocabulary studies, and writing practice. 
    • ESL-level survey of American history. This class is offered every other year to freshmen and sophomores only.
    Fees for our Standard ESL Program are included in our tuition.

    English Requirements
    HMS does not require TOEFL or SLEP testing, but a basic understanding of English is necessary to participate in classes. Most international students are asked to participate in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program at either the intermediate or advanced level. Our admissions application and the admissions interview help us determine each applicant’s level of English proficiency.

    "High Mowing was a home before it was a school—and becoming a school it still stayed a home." -Mrs. Emmet, founder

    High Mowing School is located on a hilltop in New Hampshire, on over 300 acres of pristine forest and farm land. Not too far from small villages and towns, yet set apart from our busy world, our campus is beautiful, quiet, and very safe. Students enjoy breathing our pure air, eating our natural, healthy fresh homemade food which includes our students’ favorite dishes from home. We serve a full breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner in our beautiful natural setting. Our Residential Life Faculty creates a home-like environment for our boarding students, and pair first-year international students with an American roommate to support their learning of English. Our school community is small enough that everyone gets to know, encourage, and support one another.

    As part of a small, friendly, and vibrant school community, our students develop a deep love of learning. They are immersed in a remarkably supportive social environment where they develop strong identities and self-awareness. Engaged in a curriculum designed to meet their developmental needs, they grow into well-rounded and competent adults.

    Our faculty recognizes the unique potential of each of our students and cultivates their individual interests. Students are strongly encouraged to explore many subjects and develop new capacities and skills. The arts are integrated into the curriculum, with many opportunities to develop skills in the fine and performing arts. After classes end in the mid-afternoon, students are encouraged to try new activities including clubs, art studios, and sports such as for example soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, cross-country and downhill skiing, horseback riding, and much more.

How to Apply

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  • 1. Application

    To apply for admission:
    1. Visit our website application page
    2. Create an account
    3. Pay The $250 international application fee as part of the online application.
    4. Submit your online application
  • 2. Interview

    We encourage an admissions visit to our campus, but we understand that this may not be possible for families who live far away. In this case, we will conduct a skype interview.
  • 3. Admissions Decision

    We consider applications on a space-available basis. Once our application is complete, we will send you an admissions decision within two weeks.
  • 4. Student Visa

    Once a student enrolls (by submitting their enrollment paperwork and a commitment deposit of 10% of tuition) the school will issue an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status. This I-20 certificate will allow you to make an appointment at the US embassy or consulate nearest to your home to apply for an F-1 Student Visa.

High Mowing School

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Founded in 1942, HMS is an accredited Waldorf co-educational high school serving day and boarding students in Wilton, NH. High Mowing merged with Pine Hill Waldorf School in 2017, creating an early childhood through grade 12 Waldorf school—a place to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world. Accredited by NEASC and AWSNA.