Eurythmy is an essential component in Waldorf School Curriculum. It helps to revitalize body, soul and spirit. The practice of Eurythmy develops spatial awareness, grace and coordination, as well as a deeper connection with language and music. Eurythmy can be described as a kind of visible speech or visible singing.

Eurythmy at High Mowing is integrated into certain blocks such as Hydrology, Faust, Parzival and Astronomy. It is also offered as an elective artistic movement class where students have the opportunity to develop their own forms, create solos, duets and larger group pieces to perform in venues of their choice. The art of costuming and lighting for Eurythmy performance is also studied and created.


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Founded in 1942, HMS is an accredited Waldorf co-educational high school serving day and boarding students in Wilton, NH. High Mowing School is a place for young adults to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world.