Wellness Counseling

High Mowing offers individual and group counseling sessions to students with Jonathan Northrop. Students often want to speak to an adult in a setting that is supportive and confidential on a variety of issues, including stress, anxiety, peer relationships, communication issues, self-advocacy and other adolescent concerns.

Jonathan Northrop is a High Mowing alumnus, and has been a teacher, residential life faculty member and wellness counselor living on campus with his family for the past seven years. He is a trained Waldorf teacher with a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Jonathan has had a long-time interest in psychology, spirituality, and human potential. He draws from a variety of psychological perspectives, including Humanistic, Transpersonal, Buddhism, and Anthroposophy.

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  • Jonathan Northrop '92

    Jonathan Northrop '92

    Wellness Counselor, Philosophy
    “Being who you are...”

    I was drawn to counseling because of my interest in the human being, in particular human consciousness and potentiality. Working with young people is especially relevant to this;  it’s often centered on helping them find a greater ease with themselves...
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