Playing With Enthusiasm and Disclipline

The athletics program is an integral component of the High Mowing experience. Our program is a means for every student to develop a true sense of teamwork, foster respect for self and others, and learn to play hard and fair. It is our goal for every student to participate with enthusiasm, discipline, and direction. The athletic program is a practical means for honoring the physical self and maintaining its well-being.

We recognize that playing a cello, writing an essay, creating a piece of art, or scoring a winning goal are equally important in the balance of our students' lives. Both classroom and team experiences at High Mowing teach us that the relationships between people and the development of skills are important aspects of our everyday lives.

High Mowing is a member of the New England Preparatory Athletic Council (NEPSAC) District Two, through which we participate in interscholastic athletic competitions with other independent New England schools. We compete in soccer, basketball, men’s baseball, and women’s lacrosse. All participating schools within NEPSAC hold the same athletic principles as High Mowing. This common bond fosters a community within the independent school movement through sportsmanship.

High Mowing sports facilities include a baseball diamond, a tennis court, two soccer fields, a lacrosse field, an ultimate Frisbee field, cross-country running trails, and a gymnasium with a weight room. There is also an extensive series of nearby trails for cross-country skiing in winter.