Learning Beyond Our Classroom

 Our Learning Beyond the Classroom curriculum fully aligns with High Mowing School’s approach to education. We have carefully considered how to move our rich in-person social curriculum to off-site delivery because of what is required at this time. Our daily on-campus schedule is thoughtfully designed to provide a rhythmical experience. Remote learning requires a new rhythm and schedule: We are learning what works and continue to adjust our delivery and engagement methods to create a harmonious, fulfilling, and educationally rich experience for our students.

What we are still doing – in age-appropriate ways – is honor our core values:
  • Inspire a love of learning
  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Integrate arts and academics
  • Connect to our social and natural environment
  • Create a healthy social life
In our virtual classrooms and connected learning, you’ll witness children smiling, laughing, engaging, and prompting  connections with their friends and teachers--much as they do when in their on-campus classroom. When students voice fears, concerns, and frustrations regarding the pandemic and its impact on their home and school community, our faculty respond to these feelings and make decisions based on the whole child—including their social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

We use live video conferencing with all of the children but the youngest in our Early Childhood programs. The younger grades have minimal video time centered around social engagement with some lesson delivery. This is supplemented by audio and video recordings, projects and independent work. As the children become older, they spend increasingly more time in live video-conferencing lessons, to receive nearly all their classes via video in high school.