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New in 2019-20

Entrepreneurial thinking matters in every job, not just in starting a business. In technology, finance, manufacturing, the arts, healthcare, construction, real estate, small business, or anything else: how to understand and analyze a problem? How to come up with a solution to a challenge? How to communicate and implement that solution? What capacities to develop? What if you have an idea for a patent? Entrepreneurial skills are a key advantage, in organizations of one or a hundred thousand.
At High Mowing, we offer a hands-on entrepreneurial class in a small class-size environment, with faculty and industry experts in a variety of fields - from small business entrepreneurs to leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies. In our elective course, students learn how to think through entrepreneurial challenges and how to apply those capacities and skills in their future pursuits.
High Mowing has a rich history in entrepreneurship: Our 300-acre campus sits on historic Abbot Hill where in 1815 lawyer and inventor Samuel Abbot created a manufacturing process to extract starch from potatoes. Many years later, some batches of yogurt were produced at High Mowing that developed into what became Stonyfield Farms, which was sold in 2017 for $875M. Over our more than 75 year history, numerous graduates of High Mowing have enjoyed entrepreneurial careers in many industries.

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Founded in 1942, HMS is an accredited Waldorf co-educational high school serving day and boarding students in Wilton, NH. High Mowing merged with Pine Hill Waldorf School in 2017, creating an early childhood through grade 12 Waldorf school—a place to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world. Accredited by NEASC and AWSNA (high school current; lower school in process).